Manscaping Your Man Parts
Bye, bye body hair.

Male body hair is about as useful as man nipples—get it together evolution—and while we don’t have any handy tips on that topic, we happen to know a thing or two about all thing male grooming. Whether you're looking for the best shave, how to grow a beard or (probably why you're here) how to manscape away that body hair look no further.


manscaping chest hair


According to a recent survey , a good three-quarters of women prefer hair on a man’s chest, but keep in mind, just enough to run their fingers through is all you’re going to need, so probably between 1 or 2 cm. Simply breakout your trusty trimmer for some trusty male grooming, select your guide, and go to town thinning things down until you’ve achieved a fairly consistent density. Finish with some body lotion to prevent redness and avoid irritating sensitive skin. Easy.



All that said, if you prefer a smooth chest, definitely break out the razor, and just as you would wet shave your face, lather up and give it a good pass with the blade, taking care to go with the grain. If you're wondering whether a blade or electric razor is best for you check out our grooming guide for the best shave. If you have a thicker pelt, take caution and don’t assume the grain is always growing in the same direction. Finish up with a moisturising post-shave balm, preferably a body moisturiser and boom, you're almost a manscaping expert! Hair? What hair?!

manscaping back hair


Our hairy-backed brethren are a little less fortunate. A recent survey revealed that 9 in 10 women do not find back hair attractive, and let’s be honest, one of those ten is a liar. Unless you’re as flexible as a Belarusian ballet dancer, you’re probably going to need a hand, that is, unless you have a super generous roommate and/or significant other in your life that can lend a helping hand and shave that back. Be warned, you will now be in this person’s debt. Big time. When it comes to back hair, shaved and or waxed is going to be the move, so we’d recommend leaving this to the pros.

Male grooming doesn't stop there though, making sure you're prepped head-to-toe, even male manicure's are masculine now.



We know that the idea of putting sharp stuff in the vicinity of your family jewels  is a bit scary, but trust us—totally worth it. Optical inch, anyone...? Patience is the name of the game here, as nicks in this region aren’t fun. Again, lather up as you would your face, pull your skin tight where needed, get after it with short strokes, and makes sure your blade stays clean by frequently rinsing it. Getting a leg up for those hard to reach areas isn’t a bad idea either, just make sure to keep the floor covered.  Some gentlemen swear by manscaping in the shower, since the warm water loosens up the skin and makes cleanup pretty convenient. We’ve even heard of dudes who shave their stuff while sitting on the toilet, so if you happen to have bionic rubber arms, it’s worth a try. Oh, and don’t forget to slap some soothing cream on your freshly shaved man parts to prevent or treat razor burn – it will take smooth to the next level.

Good luck and don’t forget to go slow.