Take care, the sun's rays are colour blind.

Whether your skin is fair or you have naturally dark black skin, you’re susceptible to sun damage, and you need to wear sun cream. The SPF rating, the frequency with which you sun cream yourself up and more general precautions should be considered based on your level of pigment. Let’s go...




It’s crucial to make big concessions for sun’s harsh UV rays. You need to wear sun cream, on any and all parts of your body that are going to be exposed to the sun, and the higher the SPF the better. Even away from the beach, just because it’s overcast doesn’t mean those UV rays aren’t breaking through; they are and you especially need to take skin protection seriously—our Sun cream with SPF 50 goes on quite easy. In addition, when exposed try to wear a t-shirt, a hat with a shady brim, and sunglasses, then be sure to take breaks in the shade during the hottest parts of the day. A sun umbrella and/or trench coat wouldn’t hurt either.



Those of us in this range of skin tones tend to come from Asian, Native American, Hispanic, and Mediterranean backgrounds. You may consider yourself less at odds with the sun than your fair-skinned friends; however, you still going to need to take measures to protect your skin. The fact is, everyone is susceptible to sun damage. While you might get away with running a few errands around town without any sun cream, if you hit the beach you’re going to want to get lathered up. Using a mid-level protection (choose at least SPF15) will let you stay out in the sun a bit longer than your fair-skinned friends. Check out our NIVEA Protect and Refresh Spray – not only will it give you the protection you need, it has a 'clear' look on your skin so won’t get tangled in your chest hair. Also, remember your eyes can and will get sunburned just like everyone else’s, so wear sunglasses with UV protection. Taking care and looking cool at the same time – now that’s what we call multi-tasking!



Dark black skin contains a high amount of the skin’s own pigment melanin and therefore filters about twice as much UV radiation than your fair skinned counterparts, so that’s sweet. That said, you are absolutely not immune to burning, and should still be taking steps to protect your skin. While you may be hesitant to wear sun cream due to the 'powder-like' appearance that many leave, there are products that will actually blend quite well, such as our NIVEA Protect and Bronze Sun Lotion - no more excuses! SPF 15 should do the trick.